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These Bad Breath Treatments Can Work Wonders

Brown & Baran Family Dentistry believes in providing everyone in and around Wilmington with the best dental care possible. This means advanced restorative dentistry for addressing serious dental problems, cosmetic dentistry to enhance smile aesthetics, and general dentistry for proper upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance.

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Treatment for Cavities: Fillings and Restorations

The team at Brown & Baran Family Dentistry has helped countless patients look their best and feel great in the process. We are among the leading general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry practices in the Wilmington area, emphasizing smart solutions and preventative care.

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Root Planing and Scaling: What Is Deep Cleaning and Why It Matters

Here at Brown & Baran Family Dentistry, we have garnered a strong reputation for quality dental care. The team at our practice has helped countless patients in and around the Seaford area achieve healthy and beautiful smiles using the latest in restorative dentistry treatments.

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Achieve a Beautiful Smile with Instant Orthodontics

There are many factors that contribute to a beautiful smile, and straight teeth are probably at the top of the list for most people. Unfortunately, there are many people who have crooked of gapped teeth.

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Teeth Whitening Specials to support Breast Cancer Awareness

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Brown and Baran Family Dentistry is excited to donate a portion of our proceeds from teeth whitening to breast cancer research. We will be donating $10 for each Venus White Ultra Kit (take home), $65 for Venus White Pro Custom Created Trays, and $100 for each KoR Whitening System. 

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Root Canal Therapy: Treatments for Infected Teeth

The team at Brown & Baran Family Dentistry is pleased to help patients in and around the greater Seaford area achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. This is thanks to our commitment to advanced general dentistry focused on improving the health and wellness of a smile.

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What to Expect during Your Dental Exam and Professional Cleaning

At Brown and Baran Family Dentistry, our foremost concern is the oral health of our patients. Behind every stunning smile is solid dental health, including teeth that are free from decay and gums that are unaffected by disease. In order to help our patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health, we offer a comprehensive range of general dentistry treatments, including thorough dental exams and professional cleanings at our state-of-the-art Seaford office.

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Who Is a Candidate for Smile Makeover Treatment?

The team here at Brown & Baran Family Dentistry offer patients throughout the Seaford area some of the finest dental care treatments available. A skilled cosmetic dentist can make your smile look its very best. This can sometimes involve a single treatment option or a special custom treatment known as a smile makeover.

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At-home Teeth Whitening vs. In-office Teeth Whitening

Here at Brown & Baran Family Dentistry, we like to provide patients with ample information with regard to their treatment options. This is why patients throughout Seaford come to our practice when they want to undergo care with a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist.
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Full Mouth Reconstruction Candidates: Is this Individualized Treatment Right for You?

Extensive dental damage can be unhealthy and uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about your smile or struggle with unpleasant symptoms. At Brown & Baran Family Dentistry, we offer a full suite of restorative dentistry treatments to help you reclaim your smile and boost your self-esteem. To completely repair and enhance your smile, Dr. Brown and Dr. Baran often recommend a full mouth reconstruction. This customized treatment plan combines multiple restorative treatments to refashion your smile for improved comfort and confidence. If you’re interested in revitalizing your teeth and gums, read on to learn what makes patients excellent full mouth reconstruction candidates at our convenient Seaford dental practice.

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