Teeth Whitening Specials to support Breast Cancer Awareness

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Brown and Baran Family Dentistry is excited to donate a portion of our proceeds from teeth whitening to breast cancer research. We will be donating $10 for each Venus White Ultra Kit (take home), $50 for Venus White Pro Custom Created Trays, and $100 for each KoR Whitening System.                

Venus White Ultra Kit (take home):

  • 7 day treatment 
  • Noticeably whiter teeth in 3 days.
  • Pre-loaded disposable trays with mint flavored whitening gel.
  • Ultra thin tray material created specifically to mold around each tooth for comfort and coverage.


Venus White Pro Custom Created Trays:

  • Customized whitening trays, made by our dentists, to fit and brighten your teeth evenly.
  • To be used day or night to best suit your lifestyle
  • Mint flavored whitening gel with a desensitizing agent for comfort.
  • Multi use refillable trays created to endure long time wear.

KoR Whitening System:                                                               

  • One of the most effective whitening systems in the dental industry to date.
  • All inclusive Whitening Kit (with custom fitted trays made by our dentists).
  • 14 day treatment designed to be used while you sleep.
  • Kor Teeth Desensitizing agent is included for comfort.

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Your smile is contagious! Keep it white, bright, and healthy with a trip to our office for your routine dental exam and cleaning. Ask our staff which whitening system will work best for you!  

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